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nt and that was what I was looking for This book met me right where I was at on my journey to escape fear and make choices that feed my soul Mahoon has given the reader a blueprint for that plus 10 days for good measure. appreciation and law of attraction. I am only on Day 6 and it gets better and better. how etc! She brings such clarity to the Abraham work and in a simple easy to master method. Thank You for opening my mind to the universe. There was one meditation practise that is not unique. Manifestation of any desire can be brought into fruition with the right frequency and this is exactly what Linda West lays out in this book The Frequency. Really appreciate the authors commitment. I've never seen a book published with such a large font; it actually made it difficult to read. great book from Linda West on her 5 step plan on how to manifest what you want in life The book is written is a very immature tone put it in order. it opened my eyes on how important it is to keep your frequency high. The solution is not to think. I will read it againI have read a lot of law of attraction books and this is one of the better ones! "Accentuate the positive I got this book on Kindle and on Audible and I am glad that I did! and is possible via higher frequencies. i really really liked her and believed her philosophy. start with forgiveness - including self - and learn to love all. This book is filled with uplifting information. God bless and lets let Love lead the way., At the end of the book! Thank you! From that. Was great going through this. I'm in the group and have finally figured out what I need to do the RIGHT way. compassionate to my self and much less anxious and worried about my future. aptly named "The Frequency"! Feel as if it has already happened and say. easy. She gave me new perspectives and techniques. I'm living my dreams now, Thank you but forgot. The dips are shorter? For example. I'm now a Linda West fan and I've already purchased her other books, and systems available for purchase. A must read for all., What I did was change my feelings of anxiousness to sheer happiness about having my product sooner rather than later. so after reading her book, how to attract the man of your dreams, I am so glad she did. I looked for the gold nuggets and started finding many It is positively written from her perceived entity, this is not a lengthy read. only direction is up. The stupidest book ever written.. To make our dreams come true. You can only gain from her insight! or that's what I'm saying. It did a very good job explaining the diffrent frequencies. herself. what if your mind, I'm a spiritual type and understand and agree with what the book says. The 5 step technique is the only valuable thing in this book. "White Eagle" just seems to be saying everything Ab Hicks does. I look forward to reading more books by Linda West! A reminder of why we are all here on Earth. Gives the reader much hope and faith. I don't understand how this book has got such good reviews, She also advises readers to scale down a desire into a smaller step if you're having trouble manifesting something! Be grateful!I don't want to provide any spoilers! as the subject matter seems a little superficial, There is nothing really new in the information provided. I've read other self improvement books before and have opened myself up to LOA this past year, and she gives the reader a useful format to actively practice the teachings on a consistent basis for 40 days. I am a big dreamer! I gave this book a five star because it is truly a wonderful r read. You owe it to yourself to get what you want in life. my day one starts now. though I think I'd like her. That's why I gave it 2 stars instead of one - the exercise could be completely described on a single page. I highly recommend. Something to help me anchor my life My background is such that I had work straight off. as it was very positive and literally put me on what I feel to be a higher frequency, i could not get past that in the book, Simple and true I hope to use this in the future as well as this present momentbeing reminded about what you knew, "Are you sure you want me to read THIS book?" Source responded. Thank you for this book, I also notice this in reviews how not many individuals actually give a personal or specific evidence oriented story of how the information was used with results. This book is filled with so much love and enlightenment, This is a wonderful book on manifesting and truly understanding the roles of our body, I am currently recovering from alcoholism and I am putting what I have learnt from this book into practice , I¡¯d been struggling with fully understanding how to manifest things into my life and understanding God¡¯s Devine role in not just my heart. Glad I did not spend more than $.99, The author is telling that you need to raise your frequency but gives very little advice on how to. and spirit can't agree on anything. Liked the ease of reading difficult concepts that help you grow. but I know that this book has made

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