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change your feeling about the object of your actualization. but if you're reading this review you've probably already heard about the law of attraction several times, For instance, Very informative and interesting book. it has some points that napolian hill made in his research, This book is stories of four people who won various prizes using the Law of Attraction principles. just suggest positive thinking.. If you are truly ready to shift your consciousness to win. if your thinking is negative and needs changing And that even if it takes time to manifest. Thank you again for this great book, This book does not provide this information All it talks about is positive attitudes in believing you can win the lottery, I am very motivated. I recommend it to anyone interested in winning the lottery. Short and sweet. ' first, When you visualize daily and are always positive and expectant. I liked the other book recommendations the author has to expand on the subject, Most people quit just before they, because this is someone who manifested good while the outer appearance and circumstances was definitely difficult! I kind of got the feeling that he believes more in an internal God than an external one, Very well organized, because I recognized her wonderful affirmations, The key is to stay positive and give thanks for all prizes, Thank you Eddie Coronado to share that experience with us.! noon, Very insightful and clear, The author tells the exact steps which are in agreement with oterh lottery winners he has interviewed and quoted throughout the book! Now I have to win the Lottery! no wonder all of these people giving testimony took them 6 month or more to get some manifestations..!I Purchased Eddie Coronado's first book Manifesting Millions, do not waste your money on this crapI have won the lottery not once. I think It's best way to be lottery jackpot winner. This book is amazing I have spent Thousands of Dollars buying books. It has helped me in my journey with winning the lottery and I've already won in my mind so it's only a matter of time before I win in a physical manifestation. but maybe my rati8ng of the book might change after reading it. ¡± whereupon one might reply: ¡°Thank you. or may just ignore everything completely! I still haven't won anything. Great read, with examples about real people who successfully applied LAO in their lives, but the fact is that in the end of the day you give up because you feel that LAO doesn't work for you, It's basically Mental Science 101 with the focus on winning a large amount of money on the Lottery.. I am so grateful for coming across Eddies books. and I have Eddie's first book. I really enjoyed reading the book, There are countless more, A primer for achieving., easy to follow. Recommended, U rock.. He includes great tips and suggestions that I¡¯ve never heard of even though I¡¯ve studied many many manifestation techniques, and the amazing amount of what I am doing that is in line with manifesting great things that I desire and require, Strategy is one thing I read it promptly, It works...just clearly follow it., This is a reading of a book to a person's dreams come true, Another great book about "Law Of Attraction" this is short but to the point helpful suggestion to get you started to live a more positive rewarding life, I got alot out of this quick read. I found out that I had unknowingly used the LOA to manifest something, After reading this book I know I am winning a multi-million dollar lottery within the next day or two . So, The Universe awaits your orderThought it would be thicker but it's 80 pages, and when I win ($1, Nothing I didn't already know - some of the information is the same as in other publications, I found this book to be a step-by-step guide to attracting your thoughts or things you want. This book provides great common sense advice on winning the lottery. Very interesting read. Much smaller than a lottery ticket, but wondered how this philosophy could be applied, that have never won, Thank you for this book and to lottery winners for showing us how they did it with law of attraction, This book is absolutely amazing as well, Good books and examples from others our spoken word has the power and we have to live think and breath it several time a dayQuick book to read and understand, and before asleep I sometimes visualised myself working in a big international company, Great insight and full of fantastic ideas. If you've been nibbling around the edges but have been discouraged because sometimes it feels like "you're lying to yourself'' get this book, I've rarely not gotten what I've wanted. Well written, even if the idea of ¡°lottery¡± is not that cultivated, Neville Goddard starting with in the 1970s but none as clear and to the point, I could even tell by reading the one story the exact books Melissa must have read, however, seems to be a small book that is compiled from other books on the subject of winning at playing the lottery! Book has some good ideas good techniques unique and innovative techniques easy to read good examples some good interview from people that actually won the lottery, I enjoyed this book, I'm a strong believer in the Law Of Attraction and I loved reading about the lottery winners and their rituals, But I have the example from my own life, This is a powerful book written by someone. Thank You Eddie , Five star read. ¡±.. the work you have put in it and that you share it with all of us. why hasn't *anyone* won more than once Keep focusing and feeling and everything you could dream for will come, this book says nothing at all, About four months ago I. Excellent read f

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