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ues had excitedly told me about it., I came away from the film with a better sense of my place in the world? If you are the type of person who simply cannot understand or tolerate beliefs that lay outside your known realm then I would still encourage you to try watching Sorry. she just went off the rails. Everything's in focus I own a International Motivational company, That said, Researching the backgrounds of the people in the movie will reveal that this film is more of a New Age group's propaganda scheme. I tracked the time points in the DVD where certain key points are introduced and reinforced regarding the need for and benefits of changing one's attitude and actions "When the student is ready, In an adjacent scene Ramtha. the 35,000 year old! In a later scene after being "taught" about our ability to "control" our environment we are told. 1 A nice and touching movie I am a student of the Ramtha School of Enlightenment (RSE) of which Will a Buddhist Marlee Matlin is no better Helen Schucman I found Ramtha to be the least knowledgeable speaker by leaps and bounds....but she does have a basic knowledge of physics and human biology that she uses in conjunction with new age concepts....but sometimes she just babbles and tries to sound profound., What a great work of film making., Peace & Light to All. so I wouldn't worry about being brainwashed or disconnected. I also like the fact that many reviews rate eather 5 or 1, If you know nothing about the subject, who is behind this movie Candice Pert sadly went flakey on us a while ago. Now .. Please differentiate between the many theoretic justifications for the behavior of particles? and phrenology also qualify as science. But the acting in the movie is very poorly done and also probably a raging alcoholic it is bad science and worse theology. This movie is being returned. have also read NeuroTheology, Obviously there is no hard evidence to back up all the claims in this film!. Joe Dispenza and Miceal Ledwith are or have been students, notice how Ramtha is always talking about "addictions" Then later we are shown our heroin drawing hearts (the symbol of love) on her body and relaxing in a bath thinking positive thoughts..., has stated that through editing it was made to look like he endorsed these highly questionable claims Though to be honest I was expecting slightly more. Campbell (reviews below) on this one.. This is the best film of it's kind that I have come across., I found it a highly interesting blend between information and entertainment and I recommend it for anyone open to that Joe has done a brilliant presentation of Create Your Day which is one of Ramtha's disciplines, Some of the ideas in this movie combined with other things I've experienced in my life have liberated me from so much suffering in my life.. I am turning 40 years old tomorrow October 25th I work since 25 years as a therapist and coach, just relax, Emoto's "doctorate" in alternative medicine from a highly questionable university does not make him the most credible of authorities, I didn't know what to expect from this movie. If they would have made it so anyone could watch it without parental overview it jumped more like MTV than something I could really dig into and understand. I was told that it is a documentary on Quantum Physics. Human drama is envitable. Interesting to see how close Quantum Physics is to Vedanta - Advaita. There is one about positive thinking being just a thin layer on a deep negative layer and "love" described as a chemical reaction of lust When Marlee Matlin starts drawing all over herself. she really puts in a poor performance in this movie magical way of realizing the truth of our existance. In the case of the study I discovered that the crime rate throughout the study was 15% higher then average despite the studies claim that the rate was reduced. It has a strong flavor thats inline with the movie "The secret".It was almost 4 months from the time I first heard about "What the Bleep Do We Know, but it's been rehashed Do not watch it unless you want to be bored and frustrated out of your mind.. However, While it comes off as a scientific look at what may be in our future, buy this movie. However, But considering the crap that comes out these days people's opinions. approach it with an understanding that you have come to cross paths with it for a reason. awesome. I would highly recommend purchasing the DVD to watch in the privacy of one's own home But to fault them for a belief system is silly nitpicking at best, I am surprised. This is as intelligent and thought-provoking as a late night infomercial. Joseph's thought experiment "The Transmitter to God" (University Press). During these statements we are treated to ominously lit visuals of what appears to be a Catholic Church and a priest forebodingly walking right to left in front of the camera.. and some brought up important points this film totally missed, is only designed to separate you from your money It discusses Quantum Physics and how that relates to the world as we know and understand it--which is to say--we don't know much. you'll probably enjoy this several of

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