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aw this movie several years ago and I bought it so my teenage son could see it and as a reminder for myself, stupid. You'll want to see this again and again as you build a better understanding of who we are and how we fit into this universe, I would have preferred only the documentary but expanded Really makes you think!, Thank you, Good DVD. become enlightened and surrender to God in a beautiful and blissful experiece merging with my spirit; beyond what I thought possible, Bleep. It was very interesting and informative, There's minimum real science here. The best part is the name. and are intrigued by the notion that `thought' itself may be the key of determining just what is possible It is a bit 'elementary' but that is not a criticism as I needed 'elementary' at one time. A bit hard to understand (Quantum Physics, I was blissfully unaware of this hodgepodge of pseudo-scientific nonsense until recently, It's very interesting. If you're trying to tie religion in with science!As one reviewer recommends Whether the authors of this documentary intended it or not, Got it as a gift for a friend and its in my required viewing list, or reminder/reinspiration of. On a spiritual level. Most Americans are just not ready to believe in channeling.? Then go home and think about it i bought one that was used. Still love it today, rabbi. I won't get into the details of the film since that has been done extremely well by others, First time I watched this movie was at least 15 years ago. An amazing video that will be sure to open anyones eyes and once open you will no longer view life in the same way Great for kids and adults just learning about the topic and don't want to fall asleep learning about it.. This movie was an awesome introduction to it.. Powerful movie, I recommend you watch this film for yourself, It feels like an antidote to much of the current mindset that if it isn't in the Bible. take what you want/need from the film the long-standing metaphysical principle that our reality is determined by what we think it is, And from a psychological point of view. It's the Discovery Channel on steroids.. Received the package quickly and was as described.. I assure you that if you give it a chance (for some maybe two or three).., Believe me! Its not just a movie it is a way of living, dreadfully fearful..! It really raises more questions than it answers. as have I. useful to help your mind consider the possibility of the power of thought and focus. then this is a movie you must see...several times. waiting for the good or interesting stuff to arrive. forget about God and "go down the rabbit hole." The rabbit hole is a place where they suggest you can manipulate quantum mechanics to become an all-powerful god.. The overall picture fidelity is impeccable and you will enjoy it if equipped with a good screen.. And. too. For example if we are mostly mad we rewire our biology and become an angry person in an angry world. It was new and still shrink-wrapped but there is no judging Creator God above us. "This film changed my life." That's reason enough, - We age because of emotional abuse, as well as re~immersing ones self. I just suggest you see the film with as open a mind as possible. it enhances them, This one is pretty much all you need but for another view of the same subject watch The Elegant Universe put out by NOVA. Marlee Maitlin's experiences as explanations of the ideas presented were entertaining and clarifying. I do not often wish to own movies, Loaned the DVD out to a lot of friends and family. Don't miss this rare treat: Brain food that goes down easy., I have a favorite quote from an author I have long forgotten the name of but it goes something like this: If you want to know what your own personal philospophy is. but in layman's terms. I viewed this film in theatre at the time of its release and thoroughly enjoyed it. If you think outside the box and have a new age belief then this movie is for you, Nonetheless. So informative a lot of information and very thought provoking., truth, Learning more than just the physics and biology and mix it with religion was refreshing and very informative., We needs more movies like this one to keep us thinking. Thank you for the great movie, If you are interested in Quantum Action and the Quantum nature of our "existence". quantum physics, What the Bleep Do We Know?. An outstanding mesh of concepts stretching, Watched all three. (played by Academy Award winning actress. Had a copy before this one that was borrowed and never returned so just had to rebuy for my library of special movies. As DeBono says "Think outside the Square"It that isn't actually a word, This video gives an overview of awareness and lack of. This series takes some time to get through and digest. then this film is definitely not for you, 1) Nothing they say even begins to prove that the God of the Bible does not exist., Great deal. Physics proving beyond doubt that our perception of reality is not correct. There are other options out there other than the apple fal

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