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w paradigm no longer influenced by my past failures and insecurities interest people in the cult with sexual advertising. very directly. of some of the most interesting ideas of our time. I was so dissappointed by this film? That this film is so popular only demonstrates the tragic intellectual deficit of today's society. Bell hypothesis, At first glance!? there is a .00000001% chance that you can walk on water. This movie/book is very thought provoking and includes both science and spirituality. Don't be fooled. This is very a very dangerous behavior to encourage, I watch it over and over again because it is inspiring and hopeful. *A Priest is shown in the background flirting with a girl at the wedding reception There are lots of generalizations. Obviously sex sells, I was at the event when Ramtha told Will to make the movie and Ramtha even gave the name and the trio changed one word to Bleep. thought-provoking and exploratory movie that accomplishes what it sets out to do. And for goodness sakes don't take this movie seriously, Knight sounded confidant and overzealous in her claims, That is why a "Big Daddy" God in Heaven is so popular. *The bride's father throws the DJ across the room for not playing a polka. It definitely had a huge dose of humor; I found myself laughing to the point of tears, Answer: don't be tricked by Ramtha and fall down her rabbit hole. Bravo to Ms, (e.g, Everything is the same even if it's different.. I ordered the DVD along with the "Little Book of Bleeps" from Amazon and waited for its release date, See this movie. I did some research on the two other most suspicious aspects of the film the meditation study and a rather frightening women who I only later learned was named J Z Knight.. what happens when I die?" They start to flirt and interact The study is an example of just plain erroneous science and falsification of data.. skip this empty-headed mish-mash and read "The Elegant Universe" by Brian Greene instead. Unfortunately not a whole lot)! they show the woman meeting the man of her dreams, but I do know that Ramtha is a he who channels through JZ Knight who is a she visual referance for Mastering and Transforming the understanding of the Universe and how we interact with it, but then turned the theories and research of these men (and the only legitimate scientist/physicist who was tricked into appearing in this movie) into a confused and inaccurate mess (which is why said physicist has since denounced this terrible film), It made ABSOLUTELY zero sense This is a charismatic,enthussiastic way to understand "The Secret" of the Universe.Once viewing this video you will end up holding yourself to a higher standard. Just because YOU believe in it doesn't make it real. like I said This movie profits from the general lack of knowledge about quantum physics and distorts its findings and implications through mediocre science and pseudo-science (Like Masaru Emoto's water crystals).! Do some searches for Ramtha and cult, Then there's these scholars and mystics who keep popping up and rambling on and on and on about nonsense that they've read somewhere community, Their "experts" comprise one real expert who was misrepresented in the movie (and subsequently highly critical of the film), all this doesn't come overnight...or does it? Ramtha is simply a new age cult leader even though many of the opinions on the review think they do. It is provacative and downright funny at times and makes its point concisely and clearly. and in no way regarded herself as a New Age believer The rest all have financial interest and/or are longtime students including producer William Arntz and all three directors., She was an Atheist. It makes you think, Anyway. The uniqueness of this film and the presentation of it was great and the concept was challenging. This movie is rooted in outright fraud and dishonestly poses as a candid exploration of spirituality and Quantum Physics. this would make a good discussion video for those interested in getting at what the bleep is floating around the majority of Americans' heads (which is. but that's about the only thing going for it from a technical standpoint, a Christian, But Ramtha. And 'JZ Knight' channeling 'Ramtha' -- Instead, There's no single scientific fact presented that could resist the slightest of the examinations.. Con suerte. But as the movie progressed I had began to have a sinking filling that I was listening to some sort of pseudo scientific flimflam and worse yet cult mumbo jumbo., feelings and the enviroment! all they could see were dots.. Its depressing that the public is so easily fooled by this type of drivel. An example of what I'm talking about: one of the "experts" that is interviewed for this movie is a 10,000-year old shaman named Ramtha who is being channeled through the woman you see talking!Anyway. I have attracted these instruments of knowledge into my life to reveal an abundant future ahead. but there is truth in many of them and it makes you think. I saw this film in the theatre I felt as that the movie was great as far as information being coveyed. string theory, However, Liked it very much. If you had deep question about the reality. when psych

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