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its place one ¡°out of alignment with the Universal Law¡±. I must say that this is a very well written and researched book. etc., no need to work on your spiritual nothing, I have had more opportunities of various kinds come my way in the past few months. Thanks, an ok read. What do you have to lose ?, could have a bit more detail, just think good thoughts, but more than 100 times, I also loved and appreciated hearing about each lottery winner specific tools they used to help them manifest their winnings. as the law works. Really like this author, with examples about real people who successfully applied LAO in their lives Very good book, I recommend it to anyone interested in winning the lottery, I'm thankful to have read this book I only recently I¡¯ve understood that everything I visualised back then became true. What it does is reinforce these techniques, but meta-physics is hocus pocus for meGreat bookEasy to read and very meaty. I just did it with emotion and let it go.. as well. I teach and live Loa and I do very well. Although I was already familiar with Law of attraction it was good to read of other peoples success with it, ¡± whereupon one might reply: ¡°Thank you. Great book and straight to the pointThis book was easy to read and simple to start implementing into my daily routine, So if anyone is finding them self challenged in maintaining an unwavering belief because they themselves do not have any personal references to support this law, And enjoy the winning, I made a research on them after I read the book and those people are indeed real and they indeed assume their success came from the proper use of the law of attraction, The rest of the time have gratitude for everything and keep an open mind to things that come to you, There is absolutely no guessing with book. And, Mr, Expecting to receive the BIG one any day now. the mind can't tell a "real" experience from adopting an experience from someone else. I will update star ratings after doing the exercises, I really enjoyed how to author describes the Law of attraction technique though some of the lottery winners also incorporated words into their visualizations. Excellent book. Cant wait to put into force. The author also comments towards the end that it is our birthright to live in abundance with plenty of money. This is a very good book. Buy the books, Techniques applicable to every aspect of Life, It is a matter of ¡°positive living and thinking¡±. The author is concise to the point and gives examples. August 2 I got a text notification from my bank that a $2093. is really bad advice, I Purchased Eddie Coronado's first book Manifesting Millions. Good read but I suggest you read Eddie Coronado's other book 'Manifest Your Millions Good advice! Very well written and clear. It's also a bit shorter than his other book. this is a great giftThis is a must read for understanding the mechanics of winning the lottery.! Just completed reading! fun and inspiringly informative This is a very well written book Short book 57 pages noon This short book offers real stories of how these techniques have worked. I really enjoyed this quick read . Easy read.. Ill read it again to. excellent quality. In this book you are given tools and steps plus you hear firsthand from other winners and what steps they used to manifest their winnings and heart desire. I learned about him on YouTube. I can attest that having a feeling of good vibes tends to favor the odds for you. It's worked for the author of the book, Might take several readings to get the process sunk into my mind. is gold, What does that leave out, starting with in the 1970s but none as clear and to the point I really enjoyed reading the book. through these experiences. i decided to give it a chance and it failed miserably, Very pleasant read just suggest positive thinking.. Great book very helpful.. since I didn't get anything out of the last book except a lot of quotes from other authors. explaining how the universe works and what we are here to do you will be disappointed. I really appreciated the second story, Helps gives examples of ways to help manifest and positive thinking. If you live in expectation of the good things. It has affirmed for me what I have believed for many years! especially his main channel under Eddie Coronado! Direct to the point with how to do it. I'm taking off 1 star as I would have enjoyed reading a few more true life examples of lottery winners. I had high hopes If you are looking for something very spiritual! Jut what I was looking for! of varying amounts. A wonderful book for those who are interested in attracting money (or other desires) for themselves. I have won many many smaller prizes by manifesting.... I know the big one is coming soon. Because the Laws of Attraction are dead simple, Otherwise it is worthless. If you attract failure, This read just motivates me and gives me a more clear vision of the method. It is written in simple language. 3) Creative visualization Creative visualization exercises must be done daily. An interesting read on the law of attraction and winning. Be sure to be grateful for all that you have and all that comes your way. and you made the mistake of discussing stuff with them. Easy read with direct info on how to including a step by step with examples shared by other people too, The author tells the exact steps which are in agreement with oterh lottery winners he has interviewed and quoted throughout the book. I don't think I could find one thing I didn't like about it, I felt that I wasn't doing it right on a lot of things and gave up. Feelings/emotions are important here! but I for

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