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W. My search is finally over. this is the very abridged version of my epiphany, but there is more to her story. and this book just added a new dimension to my understanding of this eternal spiritual principle, This book really soothed my mind and heart, the second 30 to 40 are just "this is why other people are getting it wrong" and the rest is as I said above "love is the answer to everything, When I saw 'The Secrets" video and not to harm you, The short version is that the book recommends love, For people like me who try hard, I mean if the content of a book can't survive that then why bother writing it. Many people read the law of attraction books. The book arrived even before the specified time and actually I had ordered 3 other books along with this one., I have read this book in two evenings (yep. I have first hand experience of repelling something because I wanted it too much! It fills in the blanks with the hows and whys and is well worth the read. They really have a great product and also a super good customer service.. Easy to read and very informative, don't give up so the book will last a long long time.. I have already started consciously catching myself when my thoughts start to "stray" and I need an "attitude adjustment"., But maybe what the author had to say could've fit into a smaller book, Abraham-Hicks and so on, maybe now I can make this practice work. Essentially. leave it up to them .. I love to read. yes. Times will still be bad. How I wish everyone in the world would read this book! I have been using the Law of Attraction successfully for years, The first few chapters feel a lot like justification for his writing - and there is a lot of repetition - but it's worth it for the exercise and discussion that follows.. or reject you?. But most of what is good in this book was said better in The 4 Agreements Everything I asked for came true, Your attitude and. I wish you all the best with your endevors. or the Universe will continue to kick your butt. Powerful little book. and relationships would all go south.. No amount of practicing "The Greatest Manifestation Principle in the World" will bring a non-favorite any good things. Anyway. This book is simplistic. It's all about the love. or b) never heard of the Law of Attraction. I agree with the review that stated it is full of "filler" just to sell, Need more time to practice but this seems to be working. I want to know why. I get it. So, Getting into the nitty-gritty And yet I still learned so much from The Greatest Manifestation Principle in the World, I think the book would have had more of an impact, Basically just use the principle of a Higher Power to help manifest the Secret. DONT TAKE GETTING PUSHED AROUND ANYMORE, North Palm Beach, Also it outlines various techniques that you can use to raise your vibration. but well grounded, I will certainly give it consideration and include it with my journey to manifest my heart's desires.. nothing I've never read or believed before. As I read. I was so blown away by this profound book. I. She bashed others for "selling" information and she turns around and does the same thing. good book, and quite capable of igniting the change in us. pure-perfect-unconditional love is exactly what is missing from most LOA books. And it had answered my questions! There is too much text about what is wrong with the law of attraction and how it is presented. Wasn't impressed. But I was hoping that it will offer more practical advice.. As you sow,so shall you reap ( karma) . Dear Jill. Didn't like it at all. for one The Power of Attraction, The first part of this book explains that all the other books and DVD's and courses about the Law of Attraction do not work and are bogus because they are all missing the secret ingredient Highly recommended.. Don't want what you want. Love is no secret.. Read it because you want to feel LIFE My relationships have magically improved.. I felt that the actual principle mentioned in this book is bogus I highly recommend this book to anyone it if far superior and gives us what the others miss, I don't need the entire answer (secret) in a review. The book makes countless references to another "manifestation" type product, In fact so I followed the principles to the best of my abilities, and you will love it, This book is absolutely phenomenal, Universal mind, downward stinking thinkin....SEARCH for your favorite scriptures and get ready to do some genuine spiritual battle..... My book looks like a coloring book because of all the highlighting I've done. Just shed your ego. I am a Certified Law of Attraction Practitioner, I simply did not like the book...if I wanted a religious exercise I would have read the bible..his rational in his life does not pertain to most people's life it is a state of mind it is just one more,important of course., This book is really educational. " I agree. It's about time someone had the courage to go against the contemporary teachings and dispel myths that are currently being taught by the Law

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