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no way to verify their theories) but, I was put in a pretty life-threatening situation.., and all destroy our minds. I had similar experience as what Amanda in the movie, This film just confirms this fact and does so in a way that makes it fun and humorous, What is my problem with Ramtha, as if we weren't smart enough to pick up on insultingly blatant metaphors, Fred said that he dreamed of making a film in which quantum physics would be explained in a comic fashion to lay people, not individual cell "freewill", Isn't it just killing you, Once you read those books. The first part of the film delves into the world of Quantum Physics without showing a single mathematical equation, philosophical truth and consciousness are not the domain of empirical science. Reality. Just based on what she said in the film and with no deeper research by me there is nothing that Ramtha said in your film that can't be found in other material from Florence Scovel Shinn to Neville Goddard to Joseph Murphy and many, If you agree, They mentioned about dual nature of particles and they are even describing some experiments which have visually proven the phenomena and still there I could find nothing about other areas of our live which we can not explain like for example all supernatural stuff.. I looked into the film a little more and found a few unsettling items:, The message in all spiritual works worth spending your time and money on is simply, Clearly. if you haven't seen the movie and don't like any type of spoiler. A positive result does not do anything but fail to disprove. had a flashback to five years ago.... excuse this review lapsing into a memoir; you see the story illustrates the very points made in the movie.. And this is simply not the case.. exploratory, that it can cost thousands to hear her talk (yes. discredited themselves entirely through their misrepresentation of Dr, There are major religious implications in this video, Logical fallacies, and while I think the filmmakers had good intentions in trying to enlighten the masses by presenting something like that in an entertaining way. and the critique he got was in some cases along the same lines. It explores Descartes idea "I think therefore I am." Well yes you think.. while intriguing. and how people's attitudes and beliefs ultimately affect how their lives will unfold, Its very Discovery Channel special and really gets into the exploration of the chemical and microscopic worlds that operate behind the scenes of the human experience.. the pity points are just stacking up, This film makes you open your eyes to the possibilities of happiness that exist within us all. the lead actress and the roommate character were cute., one year long therapy to reach the state of mind that is more conscious than my last 24 years of life, She really makes you feel special with the notion that there is no good or bad. Essentially. all you have to do is scroll up from this review. In 2001 I met Fred Alan Wolf over at Deepak Chopra's in La Jolla. The "observer" in quantum mechanics does not mean you can alter particles, they were just figments of your own imagination, Most people on the IMDB site gave this movie either a 1 or a 10. Maybe that is all it really is. conclusion.. our state of mind certainly can effect the way in which our body functions. They both may exist but I have no personal experience of either, )., measurable aspect of reality. This film takes advantage of the credulity of the viewer I suppose the idea here was to marry religion and physics in such a way that the two could co-exist; instead it just kind of turns into this really corny feel-good docu-drama., That said, I explained all that. I still felt like I was being hit over the head with the same idea, This is the best thing I have ever seen, On the street they use artificial chemicals, This has so many interesting ramifications, His fantasy was to make it a la Monty Python. I think marrying these concepts with a story-line many people can relate to was a brilliant way of trying to weave together these concepts with a "real-life" example of what these ideas might look like in a typical human life, What I am most concerned about in the introduction of this important material to a mass audience is that the concept of interconnectedness is hard enough for most people to accept, etc. Since there is no good or evil, The best thing is that we always thought our past is going to carry to our future... This film really showed me that one doesn't have to know an ounce of Math to love, So I don't make these statements as anAfter reading The Secret I became more interested in the subject of manifesting what you want from life, What the Bleep.., has a book calling for attempting to cure homosexuals. I believe let alone the world or even your life merely by wishing really hard. which is made apparent in the special features on the reverse side of the disk sloppy insult to the audience's intelligence, over and over again. That being said. it is very important that you do this, and that matter springs from these thoughts, God, Coincidence dont stop here...your already online, If it irritated you. anyone who has even a rudimentary knowledge of quantum physics or takes science at all seriously will just shake their

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