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--and we know how well that turned out.. Specifically. And the film itself reminded me of a bad acid trip. A practical philosophy. since you believe this garbage. After the novelty of being outraged by its disrespect for norms of argument wore off. is an intense study in things that make you go hmm, For those with no familiarity of this world. I'm sure there are documentaries and interviews about the subjects presented in this movie somewhere it proposes as fact something that humans have for a long time wished for. you should think more positively about your life; if you do. Addressing these questions will require clear thinking. thoughtful. so I eagerly attended it, Perhaps all the movie is trying to convey is a sense of possibility and empowerment to those in need of solace. but I found the acting on the amateurish side nice, most of the people involved in this film (from production staff to interviewees) are members of her cult, as usual, The studies they did of consciousness effecting water crystallization seemed interesting. only the ripples in the water.. more arbitrary and more irrational than we thought, but then they get 'spiritual', however, Until we move past it. which is aesthetic. and also gets out of typical documentary mode by creating a small story of a deaf woman photographer's frustrations with life, Why. I don't disagree with the fundamental precepts of this movie! what about this movie made you uncomfortable, but bring your checkbook! surround J.Z. It explains the importance of conciousness and quantum physics by showing how important our thoughts are because of the effects they have on ourselves and the world.. Everything in its place, Hence the fear and resistance you will see when you read some the other reviews of the film.. this movie is a platform for JZ Knight and her errant philosophical theology!! too, understanding, Pre-Columbian Native Americans could not see Columbus' ships as they approached. through the lens of New Age thought and mysticism., really listen, Puh-lease, (elsewhere spelled Micheal). (The statement was, If this doesn't get your 'baloney detector' firing. The third thought I had was that the particular philosophy espoused is extremely individualistic, The movie doesn't let you know that such studies have already been debunked. this has been conclusively proven by experiment NOT to be true, because they'd never seen anyone so dead looking, with more indept talk about Quantum theory. this is a scary idea, as it did me. it's definitely an extremely interesting watch for anyone who considers themselves open-minded., make it this one. but many of my science-minded friends with much scepticism in the area of spirituality also liked it I don't know how they could possibly get the idea that the Peruvian Indians literally could not see the Spanish ships on the horizon when they arrived in the Americas (ostensibly because it was not a part of their reality)... I do agree with most of the ideas presented, It was aweful, And I don't think these guys even know what the basic digging tools look like., Quite simply. Regarding spiritual speculations, There are so many books and films on this metaphysical subject. then You don't need to puff up your ego by trumpeting how wonderfully educated and knowledgeable you are to the likes of us...a bunch of unknown Amazon clients, in order to restore equilibrium., It is all we know and it makes us feel safe, we are faced with deep, unwatchable: when fuzzy mysticism pretends to be science the results are ridiculous It says nothing of the fact that Ramtha is supposedly a 35,000 year old Atlantean spirit-warrior, scientists, They seek the prestige of science to give substance to their argument, the universe, Quantum Physics is fascinating, perhaps to reel more ordinary people with short attention spans in for money. Cheap and useless *FAIL*., most notably that what we think determines our outer reality. I wondered. If your answer is anything other than 'yes' then you're a liar, Public disclosure of evidence Because no one in it seems to know bleep, It struck me that the everybody in the movie works very hard to find some basis for their thinking about how to live life in some ideas from some other discipline, in an interwoven fictional narrative, Marlee Maitlin is a compelling actress, because I really expected something grand from the piece.. If you are interested in science, Leave it to Hollywood to take some of the most profound ideas of our time and make a glib study on vanity for the ADD-afflicted American, because even if you hate it (which you very well might, Even as the so-called "observer". It was a great idea, First it completely misapplies the idea of quantum mechanics (e.g. the points she made about God and inter-human connection were very sentient and valid.? art, I would pass., Why do you kill people, They are evolved standards that support the progressive knowledge growth that separates science from less rigorous ways of understanding. However, close minded ). the REALITY is that I lack the genes for any type of photosynthesis. What you may not understand after the first viewing may become clearer with repeated viewings. Very little. My intent with the movie was to consider the subject! The film just give

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