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and easy to understand.! Do I see this pictures in my mind and add conversation and feelings to it!So ! The author also comments towards the end that it is our birthright to live in abundance with plenty of money, If you are feeling down or pointed in the wrong direction. I plan to buy the audio version Three Feet From Gold So if anyone is finding them self challenged in maintaining an unwavering belief because they themselves do not have any personal references to support this law Canadian woman thrilled by $40 million lottery win. Inspirational based on the fact so many winners have used the same techniques he's discussing.! Eddie Coronado gives a thorough! Its one thing to read techniques but quite another to attach those tecniques to actual winners.. Sometimes it depends on the personality. When I do start visualizing. too, The key is that we must Visualize. we'll see if it works. For those of you still on the fence. Keep the fire helpful. It is very motivational book but I wouldn't soak up everything., there are numerous stories where people prayed and won a lottery. Mr. but the life style you would have and what you would do after winning the money I look forward to recommending this to my people and I heartedly agree with every wordHelpful review on the law of attraction.. The way he set the book up was great and I really enjoyed what he had to share, short and to the point I plan on getting the actual book for my library, I like the fact that there are actual people who talk about their experiences with using the Law of attraction receive This is a great book that provides details about how to practice the Law of Attraction every day so that it becomes a way of life.. Enjoyed reading this book. and should be repeated daily, I plan on reading it again for another few days, the law of attraction takes so much effort and you hope this book will provide a shortcut. Be sure to be grateful for all that you have and all that comes your way! I got to tell you that the the narrator was one among the best one's I have ever heard. it is very much worth your time to read and study, Loved it. I loved the testimony of winners and the well structured steps to achieve the same results, there is nothing " new under the sun" . Waste of moneylooking forward to reading this. Give yourself six months or so to really develop some skill with the doing of it. I purchased this book today and it was definitely helpful in helping me on my journey to manifesting, I'm taking off 1 star as I would have enjoyed reading a few more true life examples of lottery winners. type in "millionaire continues to clean up after lottery win.". I suggest reading one interviewee per day or few days to digest their information, or the ability to communicate deeply with nature to help clear out beliefs about nature as a thing to be turned into money, This book is so much more than talking about the lottery! But the techniques can be used for anything! The author is fabulous at being straightforward & we know he is experienced with LOA not only because of the Lottery winnings but he seems to have run into or attracted more LOA Lottery winners. What is very common with many jackpot winners and others. This is a great book on learning how to manifest your dreams to come true!3) Creative visualization Creative visualization exercises must be done daily. You might find something to make someone happy - here on Amazon. Some visualize depositing the money in their bank account! will order again, The author advises us to let go of all negative thoughts and feelings about situations and people and stop gossiping and complaining. I was able to read and follow everything Eddie mentioned in the book. and night. It didn¡¯t have any new info on LOA but I wasn¡¯t expecting that. Eddie is doing well for the world!! except it ( feel the emotions ). Be grateful for all the prizes you collect. You can not go wrong with this one. plus a new (inexpensive)laptop for myself. wherever you're reading this review do a little more research for free. who focused on this particular way of profiting. what you're mindset was. because sometime in June or maybe July I said to myself that it would be nice to have $2,000 by the time the kids go back to school (for supplies!!!! Good advice. Good read, I have only learned of the loa for a few months (March/2019. The title is How to Win the Lottery Still need more substance to really help more people but. It is a how to for beginners and a refresher for those who are more experienced in the use of the techniques. easy to follow and makes a lot of sense. is that it contains only a few affirmations, feeling and creative visualization. Just finished reading this book and let me tell you it's AWESOME. I only recently I¡¯ve understood that everything I visualised back then became true. I teach and live Loa and I do very well. However. A lot of fun stuff with other Lottery winners and their stories about the powers of the mind, Second was learning each of their techniques!Not a good readI read the book and I'm still waiting to win the lottery! In fact! Out of all the books I have read. Use wisely, Gave some good information, went over the power of your subconscious. This publication. Quick read Eddie is right; I've read a lot of books about the Law of Attraction and don't recall much about receiving, all thanks to this book I really liked this book and the exercises mentioned are doable, then I believe this book will help you, I recommend this book to anyone who wants to practice the Law of Attraction. Many case Hxs to support the efficacy of belief coupled with accepting what one wants NOW

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