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version! Discrepancies - if you will - are a 'reality' of life as we seem to know it. I could be wrong of course. I really liked this movie a lot. enlightening. Spoiler Alert: The ending is the main character? It has some really good insight and presents ideas and philosophies about quantum physics and life in an interesting and fun way. I'm not sure how I feel about everything the video examined, I learn something new. Not for kids. water everywhere but not a drop to drink. but not more than that. Watch all of this fascinating DVD and open your mind. This movie changed the way I look at life, From the first moment I watched this film, Great movie for teaching about making our own reality, It explains how these two belief systems are NOT irreconciliable and in fact. something new. Empowering and challenging.. partly due to her marriage having recently come apart. However Stuff I find 'boring' is that every latest science-inspired wide-screen, We must at least begin to get the idea that we can/must start thinking out of our convenient box.. if you believe 100% that can walk on water. An interesting point made in the movie is that we are here to create (not be created). then it didn't satisfy; it stuck with the "reality is what you observe it to be" quantum wackiness. half a million) around the globe wasting their time and intellect for purposes of creating weaponry to - if in the 'right' hands - eliminate any life-form on earth forty times over? The level of thought this movie provokes is another matter. there is no god but you.., They have tried their best to explain stuff that cant be easily explained by the western(modern)science .... ofcourse.....it ends in letting you ponder....they have left most of it there The drama part just confuses the quantum physics part. Get comfortable and settle back with an open mind and heart and expect to be taken to a place you could not envision but fits. No, whatever are inadequate to the task of explaining the unexplainable and yet 'Bleep' provides a link and a path to understanding makes the never-ending search not only worthwhile but sustaining, A friend recommended this film as we are both amateur physics fans, nobody got killed, The extended version contains 3 CDs. spiritual and science all in one Enter the Light and Prosper, that is obvious, Aside from some of the things that were far fetched I found it entertaining. I highly recommend it., It took me years to find the 3-disk version at an affordable price, This movie has several different discs and is designed to be a different experience each time you watch it, I have no complaints., How could you get any better than this I recommend it to anyone trying to answer the age old question why are we here and how are we here. etc. The quantum physics part was over-played and over-used to show how choices would affect your life's path!If you see this movie in your channel lineup on TV. More talks with the quantum guys and girls. I found this movie to be of great assistance in becoming aware that just when I think I "know" everything I realize I know nothing at all, What the Bleep do they know?. Example American Indians didn't (could not) see Christopher Columbus on the horizon because they'd never seen a ship before, Time to challenge current conceptions of reality [not to mention God] and evolve again. It's a way to start a conversation, This movie changed several peoples perception of reality. The movie was slow to start. Note "Quantum" theories are not for big "things" like humans, The film does an excellent job of that, Thanks.. I highly recommend it for students of metaphysics, I's a big Universe... What the bleep three disc special edition exceeded my expectations profoundly, I purchased this DVD after reading some great reviews. She did "Children of a Lesser God" which was a very well done flick and demonstrated what it's like to be "disabled". If you love anything to do with Neuro sciences than this movie set is for you, VERY INFORMATIVE. I was blown away by the intellegent way cutting edge scientific and spiritual concepts were presented. Nearly 60% of all its statements contradict themselves. This set of DVD goes to great depth on a subject that I and many otyhers are very interested in, but how many of us have EVER thought we could understand it and did we even think it had anything to do with OUR everyday life.. and the next day had some strange experiences see myself through the eyes of others, This is a very thought provoking movie about the effect our habitual thoughts have on the experience and outcome of our reality. My spouse and I watched this with an open mind and enjoyed its message and content quite a bit. .., it might be a little too much to take in at one stretch, Fun times. Even if I think there's an entirely different way to unify science and traditional views on faith?. It took me a while to notice that she was the girl in "God's forgotten children".. Just a bunch of new age pseudo-science/spirituality along with a ton of weak special effects, "You can make your future every morning." We're *edging* into pseudo-science here, I have to watch it again and again. I cringe to think of people unfamiliar with the subject watching thi

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