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to anyone who feels stuck. It is not necessary to agree with all of his ideas in order to get something from his books and lectures But she also read his other books and ones similar to this topic.. Thanks for a good copy. Amazing book that can truly change your life foever. and felt inspired when I did - it just seemed to be just what I needed at the right moment. This book clearly explains in simple language how to change your mindset, reaffirming in others. I adore Dyer.....his experiences are so eloquently written, for that is who I AM.. I love this book so much.., It was my own image I was reacting to when I felt what I earlyer described, This is a weird hypnotic regression example towards the end that breaks the beautiful amazing flow to the book. It arrived at a time when the messages really resonated, I love reading his book. spiritual figures in helping to guide us toward fulfilling our dreams despite all odds. they are a fountain of inspiration. as it is very literal information. I also. I would recommend this book to everyone Dr! Wonderful instruction for those who wish to explore your true dreams and not a victim of the "ordinary"!!! Eternally grateful, feeling energized both times, The other principles I am willing/open to try and will be doing so immediately. the master will appear" is the best definition of this masterwork. Dyer has come a long way. Very useful ideas and concepts for today's consciousness. The content is mostly lengthy quotes from obscure sources and pages of rambling reflections of Dr Dyer's own experiences. The words flow into my soul and fulfilled my needs, Love seems to be improving him. empowering book, Really like Wayne Dyer. Thoughts without understanding are just thoughts, Very valuable and spiritual. I'm reading it every other day and I'm sticking with it and I enjoy the teachings in this book, I bought the audio version of this book and loved it so much that I bought the book. I am always blessed reading his books Being a big fan of Napoleon Hill and Anthony Robbins I bought this expecting to hear similar stuff but this time by listening to it! Another excellent book from Wayne Dyer. So much wisdom intertwined with stories that make his points clear. his work, This came at a perfect time in my life. Excellent in every way, I have read quite a few books by Dyer but enjoyed this book even more.. Wayne Dyer in his new book provides such a new way of thinking that is profound, Gift the person was pleased. live it and your dreams will come true! Very disappointed with his views and how he describe his new beliefs. Wayne Dyer for trusting his guidance and allowing himself to be the Light he is. but for me it was a bit elementary. your mind should I did however prefer the audio versionWonderful readingGood book and can recommend for anybody to read. Wishes Fulfilled has been my first introduction to Dr, Loved it, Thank youListen to Dr, It's an amazing and help-filled guide for those like me needing more input on creating a better life for myself and family. I use his I AM idea on a daily basis. Got three quarters through it.. So easy to understand... I read this book. This said. Another Wayne D classicI have enjoyed so many books and DVD's of Dr. Read it once and will read it again. Changing your thought process to a postive out come is cruial to becoming the person you want to be and the life you want to have! Thank God for Wayne Dyer who researches material from great spiritual teachers and then writes about it in such a way that abstruse concepts are clear. Dyer will help you on your journey I shared the book with family and relatives. Excellent. This book gives amazing insights and new understandings of religions.. and I will keep referring back to it!This is his masterpiece and I have really loved reading this book from the beginning to the very end. Didn't understand his vision and word about God. I lose myself. Excellent. Dyer's books are so inspirational to me. I would not let any of buddies see me with it! For me this book is second only in importance to my Bible. in part because of reading and practicing what is written about in this book.. Thank you, Now I know anything is possible (no exceptions) to manifest as long as I am aligned with my highest self. A book written by Wayne Dyer is always worth reading. However, wise This was recommended by a friend. I thought it was extremely well written and completely written. ExcellentMy life has changed in so many positive ways because of Wayne Dyer, Dyer, I enjoyed listening to this audiobook Love all Wayne Dyer's books of inspiration. When the student is ready the teacher will appear , how the ego get's in the way. Who does he think he is. I would definitely recommend this. I found this book to very helpful and informative. It's a great book! Love itI read this book little by little. If you have a mind open to all possibilities and you're willing to learn how you can change your life and make the most of it

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