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nd spreading a positive light in the world rather than dwelling on negativity. I Love Wayne Dyer. I highly recommend this book for your personal path to enlightenment or just to expand your experiences in literature.. This book is wonderful for the power of positive thinking. Wayne Dyer's books are exciting and full of knowledge that's most useful You just have to read Dr. This will guide you through. I would highly recommend it to anyone who has been unable to manifest the desires of their heart in their lives. And even that is hard to follow with no clear sense of what topic he is really addressing. So much so that I have felt a profound sense of connection with his life experiences For the first time reader it is a true eye opener. This book added an element I didn't realize. It has opened my eyes to a new way of thinking and I'm very excited to see how the world changes now that I've changed hoe I view the world. If you are drawn to this book. I've enjoyed the ebook as well as the audible version, This book, This book is almost like a memoir. Wayne Dyers books for the past several years. I recently saw him at a conference in San Jose after listening to "Making the Shift" and watching his movie "The Shift" (both of which I loved and have shared with others). Awesome awesome book,I recommend everyone read it. Somehow exercising while reading this book really supercharges me. Teachable affirmations. Everything is available once you put yourself in the right direction. He was down-to-earth and everyone could relate to him., what made it all worthwhile listening to. This book is fabulous for those open to different ideas and perspectives. who wrote and taught about creative imagination. I learn so much from him. you already have inside of you, A winner. If your are ready for a change in your life this book will do that if you are willing to do what he tells you to do. faith expanding and reassuring that we can manifest all that we desire if we know how to approach it.. Another great book by Mr, This is very inspirational and I have taken it to heart and therefore to action, Mr. a very loving light. Could not understand what Dyer was trying to get across to us in many of the chapters!!!! Spiritually based. Great info and lots of suggestions to think about. He is really enjoying this one, This book really opened my eyes. David Simon gives timeless advice to a more fulfilling life. The tricky part is removing the bones. life changing thoughts and a wonderful way of thinking. Presents good daily practices and mindful manifesting for all on a spiritual journeyAwesome book, Nothing but the best. Give this a five star ratingCant go wrong with this guys adviceAs always a very informing ..interesting book...! Everyone should listen to his workWhat can I say! you must read it immediately! I tend to absorb certain parts; but not all the priciples as I see fit.. The constant interruption is getting played out. It seems his whole career has been following a path to this book. I have bookmarked so many items it will be like rereading the entire book again I have read just about everything Wayne Dyer has written. Will always be my guru! Repeating and believing what I am meant to be works.. Wayne Dyer has proven why so many people find his words inspiring. I believe you will find that you have the ability to do just as this book suggests: manifest beautiful things in your life! Dyer writes clearly and gently instructs one on the ways one can choose to live their life in peace and love. Highly recommended for everybody. Amazing. Great book I have given multiple copies to friends. and personal experience helps make this new way of living much more able to be integrated I listen to Dr. Once again Dr. The meditation practice of "I Am That I Am" is awesome., One word. He's such a beautiful soul, in audio format. There are always interesting and informative stories and ideas in Wayne Dyer's books. Already be open to the unlimited possibities our minds. I also bought the CD with the meditation.Loved it. And does every book have to have a story about someone near death that miraculously recovers?! I love this teaching. And written in a way that everybody can understand it.. He refers to the teachings of the late! Live it & Enjoy. I would one day love to go to one of his gatherings to see him in person, I love how he incorporates different historical, I am unconditionally appreciative of Wayne's work! Dyer! Very little scientific evidence is discussed and no real new insights offered apart from ' study orbs' and 'meditate to god frequencies', This book is so incredibly uplifting....I would highly recommend! like all of Dr. The text is written in a completely non engaging manner, I can see how God who lives within us when accessed in this way can help us to live a truly wishes fulfilled life! That is a weak point in an otherwise very powerful book and message of love You should read this book., He is another who has inspired the world

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