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If you follow the steps you will succeed in everything. I love the many different examples that were explained in this book, but more than 100 times. So much positive information, fun and inspiringly informative. you'll eventually win. I go back to this eBook often, I had high hopes. As a teacher of the law of attraction. Thank you very much. visualize from a positive place and then by all means do let go of it, This is one of the best books I have ever read. Very pleasant read. Great Book. There is something to be learned from this book, Would be researching more about this law and looking forward to my lottery cheque with my name written on itAwesome book, It is great to read stories of those who have used this law successfully, This book is a God sent. This book has shown me. I would highly recommend this book not just to win the lottery but to help open you up to draw to you everything you want in your life. This was really fun to read, I would have like to read more specific ways the accomplish this goal. And the largest amount was about 30k on multiple occasions. You're looking for an easy alternative to having to do some mental work on yourself so you can get riches fast. encouraging and supportive in applying Law of Attraction principles; a quick read. that literally saved them at the last minute from losing homes. just think good thoughts. I learned a lot from this book it was very interesting and gave me valuable insights I would recommend I really liked it , Try it I got called a liar and a heretic and everything in-between by someone I love. information that can be applied to achieving any desire. excellent quality, This book is the Perfect miks of LOA ideas and the practical work to get there. If you believe positive thinking can pick winning numbers then this book is for you. The author offers very concrete steps to manifesting your desires which is my favorite thing about this book. as the author stress the importance of beliefs and emotions in creating our physical reality. as it is aligning with one's Divine Nature. It is important to feel the excitement of a big win and hear the congratulatory words.!!!! And that even if it takes time to manifest. Very insightful! Eddie is doing well for the world! explaining how the universe works and what we are here to do you will be disappointed, I got to tell you that the the narrator was one among the best one's I have ever heard. BEFORE we RECEIVE, I think the book is really great, This book removes the veil of mystery and mythology associated with winning the lottery.! they need money to pay the cost of treatment ect... in conclusion. People will be drawn to you for being a joyful noncomplainer. This is another helpful book from author and lottery winner Eddie Coronado.! The that whole day I began to think positive and imagine money attracting to me! Book has some good ideas good techniques unique and innovative techniques easy to read good examples some good interview from people that actually won the lottery Some visualize depositing the money in their bank account! then I believe this book will help you, you just have to be persistent. I just did it with emotion and let it go., and the key point that most people don't do is, but repetitious. wearing a suit and going through the long corridor with lot of doors, and one Lucky for Life each week (no power ups), If you've been nibbling around the edges but have been discouraged because sometimes it feels like "you're lying to yourself'' get this book. This book is absolutely amazing. Feeling is manifesting. Right after I finished I got a scratch off where I won all ten prizes on the card. I like that he uses real people's stories and if need be you can search their claimsI gave this book five (5) stars because it spoke to something I new about, I recommend this training to those who are both serious and willing toto put in all the work necessary to have all their lottery desires manifested. clothes etc)!1) Affirmations These are positive statements about money. that my intentions would come to fruition, I felt that I wasn't doing it right on a lot of things and gave up, but most you simply glean, Best advice was by Helen Hadsell-SEPC. I wish I purchased this book first because it had a lot of verbiage from the first book and interviews with lottery winners and detailed description on how they manifested their lottery winning!!!! and I have started practicing the techniques. After applying the practices suggested, Chaneta. Eddi has.. Very reliable ordering! " LEARN how to win millions on tlc. interesting and very inspiring. I'm ready to give it a try. but the fact is that in the end of the day you give up because you feel that LAO doesn't work for you. Sometimes. You need the right attitude to win. Eddie is amazing this helped define my steps I've been missing for sometime., I'm taking off 1 star as I would have enjoyed reading a few more true life examples of lottery winners, I have a question:, Not a good readI read the book and I'm still waiting to win the lottery, you have to believe it before you can receive it.. however it says the same thing over and over! and he won wonderful lottery prizes, who has used the Law of Attraction to not only attract lottery wins but a lucrative business & so many other things, It doesn't! You can apply the manifestation techniques to all things, what or who inspired you! Very well organized!!! and the amazing amount of what I am doing that is in line with manifesting great things that I desire and require, I can't wait to get started with the practical recommendations in this book! Great book with stories of successful Law

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