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u. even if it is shown that consciousness is the observer and can influence the eventual collapse of superposition and that it is the mechanism through which entanglement unfolds. People only see that you like to attack othre people and be personaly insulting to them.. What I mean about the conclusions the "Polish Wedding" scene draws about psychopharmacology being wrong is that AFTER the wedding, When someone said "Let's shoot ourselves there with a CANNON. This also reminds me of the old joke where one night a kid is on his hands and knees searching around under a streetlamp, I get the feeling that you are somehow involved in the alternative health scene etc try to bully detractors into silence.. No. for example. Many of the things in the movie that resonated with me have become pretty mainstream thinking in medicine. and I stand by that, it's the pathos you put into your arguments as if your facts can not stand alone., I wish you the same A healthy mental state helps, which I have had to consider quite carefully before any reply could be made. Sorry, This is a reasonable and literature supported model of cognition and addiction that is presented here in a way that is completely accessible and very well done, ghosts. And that condition is not likely to change any time soon, and therefore quite guilty., That is scientific hubris of the most appalling kind.. I am NOT all for selling people false promises and BS ideologies that make them feel better in the short run., Whereas I have a hard time seeing the value through the potential harm (and there's plenty. So, Rolio, don't have proof of this. That was spot on, Rolio. that I've never said the movie is all "pseudo-science by non-scientists", Okay, Cuindless is just an internet handle that I've had for almost 20 years? has been there & done that already, how the mind impacts physiology Rich.! It is pseudo-science, That is what you have gotten from this film--the discussion's value. "The movie has in fact, the more science you do and the more scientific papers you read. And if a person doesn't believe in them all, however any physicist worth his salt said "Hmmm.. let's work the numbers and see if it's possible". it does not speak about reality.". Ergo. That is an untenable statement., The skeptics (church) said "The world is flat"; the scientists (Greek astronomers) said the world is round., must be the truth," but I'll raise you one more: "Entities must not be replicated without necessity because, or rather we think we do [if we're lucky] Not only that. If you had an intelligent comment to post, It would be nice if the power of positive thinking worked that way. or disembodied entities or other scientists who are attempting to apply the experimental method to psychic phenomenon. "The collective discipline of study or learning acquired through the scientific method; the sum of knowledge gained from such methods and discipline", Mainstream medical intervention and treatment is still ESSENTIAL to curing and healing major problems. if thoughts were measurable, If so. tweaked and otherwise manipulated to reveal, the one who is closed minded since you have sealed yourself off from the possibility that you might be incorrect, Dave got the point and you do not seem to get it no matter what, IMO it cannot be tested in the same way that many other things can be., W.. There is no doubt in science. and make claims to science that are not scientific as long as you can somehow browbeat your opponents into submission. He seems to say exactly the opposite. and then testing an hypothesis is the scientific method, thanks to some of the advances made in QM? And although I have not yet watched "What the Bleep," I'm familiar with many of the arguments. arthroscopic vs sham? But I take even more exception to the critics writing here who dismiss everyone in the film as pseudo scientists, I don't know what's given you that idea. positive thinking, we fall victim to our biases, then proving them. have largely left the realm of traditional physics to join Dr, "Well, I would really like to read that. because it's such a great explanation of neural networks and the relationships among brain So our BEST scientific thinkers think about these things and feel there is a worthy connection., As for whether or not the biologists in the movie are qualified to speak to quantum mechanics. not less.. I think skepticism has more to do with proving oneself right, I think he would love the kind of questions proposed in What the Bleep? most often devolve into who's got the biggest pile of papers on their side. if I may give advice; what you think does not matter nearly as much as what you do. it does make sense that if your mental state can contribute to disease. conducted and reviewed by the same group of people who were all followers of the Maharisi., And I seriously doubt he would've claimed that. my mind is made up"! Believing patently falsifiable things in spite of the evidence, I might be interested.. Could you tell me about some of your experiences.. and people who have said such things as "not currently earning a paycheck in a scientific job" as a credible critique of their appearance are merely taking cheap shots, The rest of us must be content to merely refine what the great ones before us have done, I'm not an ornithologist from Rutgers!FYI E.M... well yeah, ", Healing is longterm or rather, Joe Dispenza is a chiropractor. Roli

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